In the last week, I’ve managed to finish 5 conference reviews, and turn
an R-and-Red paper back over to my coauthors, wrap up the
analyses/method and results write-up of another paper and send it back
to my coauthors. And also staked out two more papers that I can finish
up (before the month is out?), and started yet another paper.

Why? I realized how much of the semester had gotten away from
me. Transition years are, apparently, always difficult. Still, with my
post-doc, by this point in the year I’d started, submitted, revised, and
gotten accepted my first on-site paper, re-submitted a major revision
of another paper (since accepted), and brought gotten a solid running
start on two more papers (sitting in post-rejection limbo). So, that
transition wasn’t as bad. Still, the "professor" label comes with
it…just so much more work than I could possibly have expected.

I shouldn’t be doing this post now, but there was the weblogger buffer
in Emacs when I came back over here to double-check some data. Silly me.


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