A sociogenomic perspective on neuroscience in organizational behavior

Spain, S.M., & Harms, P.D. 2014.

A sociogenomic perspective on neuroscience in organizational behavior.

A review of sociogenomics (and epigenetic mechanisms, with a dash of evolutionary psychology) published at Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Open access, free to all.

The main point here is that the “effects” of genes, such as they are, can only be understood in the environments in which those genes are expressed. Both the genome itself and the environment operate by allowing–or silencing–the expression of specific genes. This in contrast to the typical approach to genetic effects in organizational research, which treats genetic effects as essentially constant.

We apply these ideas to a theoretical discussion of organizational behavior, in general, and leadership, in particular. We focus on mechanisms of gene expression in the brain (because, hey! neuroscience!).