No internet censorship!

Do not allow OUR GOVERNMENT to implement painful, ridiculous, totalitarian approaches to the internet. We’ve given up enough freedoms; we’ve failed badly enough as a country, we’ve failed to live up to our ideals. We’re better than this. The internet, as it currently exists, is the best expression of the values our founding fathers tried to codify in our Constitution. We’ve failed many times, throughout our history, in varying ways. We ARE better than this. We can let our voices be heard. Let’s start here. Let’s take back our country. Let’s not allow YET MORE REPRESSION.

I’ve had enough.

We’ve let Labor be silenced. We’ve let our ideals be shattered. We’ve allowed terrible things. Let’s start small. Let’s start where it affects us. Let’s move on from here (and I really, really mean that). Save the internet as we know it. Then, let’s move on from there.


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